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Windsurf & Kite Schools

Reef Retreat Resort is located right on the beach front of Asias premier windsports beach, making it the perfect location for your holiday. There are numerous kiteboarding and windsurfing centres located within walking distance.

Ocean Republic

One of the 1st Kite schools in Asia, Ocean Republic (owned and run by Glen and Mi Young) go from strength to strength. With a totally refurbished centre, Beach viewing deck and shop they have the perfect set up for all of your kitesurfing needs.

This year they are once again leading the way in school development by using brand new 2014-15 school specific equipment from “Slingshot” and “Nobile” to make learning easier than its ever been before!

Their rental equipment is supplied by Slingshot kites and Nobile kiteboards.

Safety being of the upmost importance, Ocean Republic have brand new Prolimit Harnesses and impact vests! For all of their students To compliment their great rental fleet, you can also buy Slingshot Kites and Nobile boards at 30% – 40% cheaper prices than Europe!

For all of your Kitesurfing enquiries and more information, please contact Ocean Republic on

Funboard Center

The Funboard Center Boracay (Tabou & Gaastra) has been operating as a windsurfing school since 2003 on Bulabog Beach. It is owned and run by one of Asia’s fastest female windurfer’s, Simone Bartmann.

Newly built at the northern end of Bulabog Beach and only 100m from Reef Retreat, this brand new, spacious centre is in the perfect “upwind” location.

The windsurf rentals include 30 windsurf boards from Tabou ranging from 76 litres up to 200 litres and sails from Gaastra, start at 2m2 for the young talents, all the way up to 8m2, for the light wind experts. Furthermore the centre has chill out areas and a shop with a wide choice of surf clothing and accessories. They also offer a wide range of lessons / instruction, fresh water shower, comfort room and lockers.

Cafe Tabou is also located within the center and are pleased to serve you delicious breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks of all kinds to keep you fuelled up for the day!.

Simone also offers Yoga classes incl Ashtanga-Asanas, Hatha-Yoga and 5 Tibeter. Yoga will strengthen your muscles, improves flexibility and calms down your mind. Private sessions are available on request. For all of your Windsurfing enquiries and more information, please contact Simone at the Funboard Center Boracay on

About Boracay


Discover Boracay, Philippines

What is Boracay?

Beach culture, laid back atmosphere, casual beach dress, active watersport scene, great bar life and chill out places. Families will feel safe and have enough activities for children, singles will find a welcome anywhere and couples will experience romance wherever they go….

Where is Boracay?

Just off the northern tip of Panay in the Visayas. To reach Boracay the nearest Airport is Caticlan, which is just a 45 minute flight from Manila or Cebu. Then from Caticlan airport, a twenty minute banca boat ride to the Island. Alternatively Kalibo International Airport is a two hour bus ride to Caticlan.

Things to do…

Boracay abounds with things to do. Reef Retreat is situated on one of Asia’s finest Windsurfing and Kitesurfing beaches.

Other activities available are : Horseriding, Golf, Jet-Ski, Banana Boat, Yoga, Spa and Massage, Island hopping, Paraw sailing, Snorkeling, Diving…the list goes on.

Let us at Reef retreat plan your activities so that your vacation is as active or as restful as you want!

Massage Boracay

Massage Package


Reef Retreat Boracay Offers Massage Service

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